Ask a Writer

If you’re a writer at a cocktail party, you will never have to make conversation because people will ask you all sorts of questions. Usually, you don’t want to bend their illusions, so end up giving answers like, “Yes, I’m up at 6 every morning and get in two or three good hours of work, then I tidy my desk, go for a swim, and am back at it by noon,” instead of telling the truth, which is, “Yes, I’m still up at 6, feeling too crippled to move, playing Candy Crush until my eyes burn and trying to finish whatever I thought would be finished about 12 hours ago.” I see the same cotton candy on a lot of writers’ blogs. Really, who are these people?

So if there’s a question you’ve ever wanted to ask about writing, getting published, and all the rest, I’ll try to answer it. Honestly. Just Chime In in the comment box below.



Tolstoy had a desk just like this.







One thought on “Ask a Writer

  1. Chris White February 28, 2015 / 4:39 am

    OK … You convinced me!! Like the Tolstoy comment … although I thought he used a Kindle and a laptop.

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