Added to My Reading List

Reviews for most of these books can be read for free at Kirkus.



  • The Woman Who Read Too Much; Bahiyyih Nakhjavani,
  • The Miracle Girl; Andrew Roe
  • The Blondes; Emily Schultz
  • Paris Red; Maureen Gibbon
  • The Fair Fight; Anne Freeman
  • Where They Found Her; Kimberly McCreight
  • Miss Carter’s War; Sheila Hancock
  • The Given World; Marian Palaia
  • The Dream Lover; Elizabeth Berg
  • Once Upon A Time, There Was You; Elizabeth Berg
  • Lydia’s Party; Margaet Hawkins
  • Deadline Paris; Byrd, Max


  • Just Pru; Anne Pfeffer
  • The Material Life of Roman Slaves; Sandra Joshel and Lauren Hackworth Petersen (nonfiction)
  • The Devil’s Detective; Simon Kurt Unsworth
  • The Illuminations; Andrew O’Hagan
  • Heartbreak Hotel; Deborah Moggach
  • Anolik, Lili: Dark Rooms
  • Jorce, Eddie: Small Mercies
  • Kanon, Joseph: Leaving Berlin
  • Clement, Jill: Act Of God
  • Franklin, Ariana and Samantha Norman: The Siege Winter
  • Bhuto, Fatima: The Shadow of The Crescent Moon
  • Mitchell, Judith Claire: A Reunion of Ghosts
  • Cander, Chris: Whisper Hollow
  • Ephron, Hallie: Night Night, Sleep Tight
  • Kiefer, Christian: The Animals


  • The Goldfinch; Donna Tartt
  • The Pomegranate Lady And Her Sons; Goli Taraghi
  • The Two Hotel Francforts; David Leavitt
  • Night Of Sorrows; Frances Sherwood
  • As the Poppies Bloomed; Maral Boyadjian
  • A Spool Of Blue Thread; Anne Tyler
  • A Touch of Stardust; Kate Alcott
  • The American Lover; Rose Tremain (short stories)
  • The Life I Left Behind; Colette McBeth


  • Girl on a Train; Paula Hawkins
  • Vanessa and Her Sister; Priya Parmar
  • West of Sunset; Stewart O’Nan
  • The First Bad Man; Miranda July
  • Wolf Winter; Cecilia Ekbäck
  • Rodin’s Lover; Heather Webb
  • Don’t Let Him Know; Sandip Roy
  • If I Fall, If I Die; Michael Christie
  • Etta And Otto And Russell And James; Emma Hooper
  • Sweetland; Michael Crummey
  • The Dead Wife’s Handbook; Hannah Beckerman
  • Her; Harriet Lane
  • Rules for the Perpetual Diet; K.S.R. Burns

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