Great Sites for Readers

Kirkus Reviews

One of the best freebies the web has to offer. Kirkus Reviews, a major player in the review firmament, makes all their reviews available free online a few weeks after the book’s pub date. Even better, they keep them posted and date back to 1936. Search by title or browse by any of 20+ categories. Bonus feature is the sidebar links to the author’s other books and books with similar themes. Sign up for the newsletter and explore other features while you’re there.


New York Journal of Books

Another free goldmine for readers, and probably the best online-only review site going. The review team is composed of authors, journalists, publishing professionals and academics, which makes for thoughtful and well-informed reviews in books of all genres.


New York Times Books

Forget the plodding, attitude-ridden reviews the NYT is famous for, — go straight to By the Book, where authors and other celebrities are asked about the books in their lives.


New York Public Library

In recent years, the library has taken to adding reviews for new books. You can search by title or author, click to the book’s page, and read the reviews without being required to have a library card or sign in.


Nancy Pearl

You know how the Japanese award “National Treasure” status to people who are simply gems at what they do? That’s what we need for Nancy Pearl, librarian and book lover par excellence. The reviews on her site run from April 2010 to February 2013. Visit her previous site at WordPress and you can push it back another year and catch up on 2009’s reviews.


The ReadingRoom

A reader review site that loves readers so much they give away review copies. Check the site often because the freebies go fast. Another great feature: A listing of over 700 online book clubs to join. Personally, I find the layout cleaner and easy to navigate than Goodreads.



The sheer volume of books and readers on this site ensures that you will hear all about a book’s flaws as well as its virtues.


 Foreword reviews

With a focus on indie books, this site delivers quality reviews across all topic ranges. For anyone who loves finding a gem before the rest of the world catches on.



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